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Can I touch or feed the dolphins?
Is it better to Liveaboard/Liveashore? This is one of our most asked questions.
Pricing live-ashore trips.
How much "dolphin time" is there during the week?

Swimming with Dolphins..

How's the food?
Extra expenses
Crew Gratuity/Tipping
How do we get to Bimini? Travel and Hotel Information
Do you rent snorkeling gear?
Will I be comfortable?


Prices from $1457.00.00 per person-US dollars,  for one week, almost all inclusive..We will also match other Bahamian Wild Dolphin Swim Organizations discounted prices of equal value to help make your special dolphin week a reality...

 What is included in the trip price...

  • All boat government taxes including the 45.00 eco tax...
  • Accommodations for the week...Yoga in the mornings -if you wish...
  • All meals and snacks prepared on the boat-including departure and return dates...
  • Fuel charges...
  • Non-alcholic beverages...
  • Snorkeling gear...this is not the normal rental equipment. It is the best and most comfortable gear available.
  • We now offer brand new monofins of most sizes so that our guests can give them a try and swim like a dolphin.
  • Also new this season are custom paddleboards that also serve as kayaks for one or two persons. It's one of my new favorite things to do...We were the first to paddle to the Sapona and play around inside...everything underwater loves comming to play with the boards.. turtles, rays and assorted fish of all kinds. Underwater world up close and personal.

What is not included in the trip price...

  • Travel expenses-airfare, taxis etc...
  • Gratuities to the crew...
  • One night out to sample Bahamian style cusine. Calypso music and dancing optional but recommended...














Answers to frequently asked questions

Touching or feeding the dolphins-

On our dolphin expeditions there is absolutely no touching or feeding of the dolphins. The beauty of the Bahamas dolphin trips is that they are wild, it is their home and we are the guests.
We work hard to ensure that the dolphins way of life remains as untouched as possible by the human presence.

Even after over 40 years of swimming with these wonderful mammals we are still working to refine and improve the quality of our swims for both the dolphins and our guests. This has led to longer interactions both in and out of the water-with all choices being made by the dolphins.
Dolphin Expeditions definitely does not condone certain behaviors that some operators use such as circling dolphins to attract them or when the dolphins have left the swimmers in the water, chasing them and jumping in again and again--the dolphins have made their decision when they move and we respect it. We also feel that putting 20 to 30 people in the water is counter productive to both the dolphins and the guests in many ways. We average 12 guests for a more intimate experience for both our guests and the dolphins.
When the dolphins have made the choice to join and interact with us it is a much more mellow, relaxed and longer interaction--we feel really blessed to be a part of it.



Live- Aboard vs. Live-Ashore...

The main advantage with our living aboard Indigo is the comfort of the boat and the amount of dolphin time.

The past six seasons, on most weeks. We easily averaged more dolphin swims and interactions in one day than the live ashore dolphin groups averaged for the entire week.

Something to also keep in mind...whether on a live ashore or live aboard dolphin trip, you will be spending the most important amount of time during the week on a boat. Indigo is by far the most stable and comfortable boat on the dolphin grounds.

We have been doing both types of trips for over twenty seven years. We have found that when guests( who at first thought they wanted to live ashore) chose to live and cruise on the boat, found that they have experienced much more of the dolphin and island feeling. Our Guest Log Book is full of favorable comments and compliments after their week aboard Indigo.

Living on the boat gives us an advantage over living ashore. While others are waiting on shore to go out later, you might be sitting on deck with your morning tea or coffee while a pod of bottlenose dolphins swim by feeding with their young. Most days we have swum with dolphins before the land based groups have come out for their allotted time. On Indigo we have no allotted time.

Some operators tell their guests that the dolphins are only around in the afternoon--not so-we are the only dolphin operation on the dolphin grounds in the morning. It is special to have a morning dolphin swim or two and then have the choice of dolphins or something else in the afternoon.

Indigo is the most stable and comfortable boat on the dolphin grounds. For me, life is too short to be in bad weather, and if it is bad we go to shore and play on the island. Because of our size and stability we are able to stay out safely when other boats might not come out at all.

Those of you who have been in the Bahamas in the summer know that it can be pretty hot and humid-unlike the live ashore boats, we are the only boat in Bimini with complerte climate comtrol- air conditioning and great shaded areas, also all the of your comforts are with us while we are out all day.This includes full meals and lots of shade and comfort on deck to look for dolphins.


It can be pretty awesome being anchored off a beautiful beach in the evening, under a star filled sky, listening to the sound of dolphins blowing around the boat.
There is a lot of beach time if you wish and a lot more time for snorkeling. We spend the best nights on the dolphin grounds and when the weather is not perfect we have the best marina on the island with all the land conveniences that you might wish. Wednesday night is our night ashore to eat at a Bahamian restaurant-the Beach Club- and dance to Calypso music if the spirit moves you.

It's interesting that the guests who were the most concerned about living on the boat for the week have been the people who can't wait to leave the dock and get back out to the reefs and the dolphins the next morning.
While there is plenty of time for sharing time with new friends, there is, also enough privacy on the boat that you can be alone with your thoughts or favorite book.

There is something grand about ending the day moving along the beaches of Bimini after an active day of dolphins and reefs. To sit on the deck and watch a beautiful sunset with the smells of a wonderful dinner coming up from below. Life is good--
There is a dolphin trip for everyone-and it can be a life changing week for you. Check it out carefully and feel really good about your choice.

Pricing liveashore packages...

It is a good idea to make sure what is included in the price of a live ashore trip-things like food and hotel taxes, ground transportation add up really fast. Hundreds of dollars actually.

Food on the island is expensive and it is hard or next to impossible to find vegetables, salads and fresh fruits in stores. If these things are not included you probably won't get them-or you will pay dearly for them. The Beach Club on South Bimini is the Best resturant on either island.

We hand pick and deliver our food to the boat each week--including fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dolphin Time...

Because of our boat Indigo and the time that we have available to us on the dolphin grounds. The past six seasons, on most weeks, we easily had more dolphin interactions and dolphin swims in one day than any other dolphin operation had during the whole week.

Without a doubt the main focus of our trips are the dolphins. Being a wild eco-trip we are at the mercy of the weather and the dolphins. There can be several swims a day or one for the week.The pod size runs from two to sixty dolphins and interactions can run from a few minutes to a couple hours. Over the last few years we have worked hard to figure out the best way to interact for both the dolphins and our guests. This has led to the dolphins making all the decisions (the only way it could be) and averaging around one and a half hours per interaction. This past season we had quite a few 6 to 8 hour interactions. The dolphins even swam around Indigo waiting for our guests to have their lunch and then resume our swim after lunch. We like to balance the week between all the dolphin encounters that will be possible and enjoying the beauty and all that Bimini has to offer.

With Indigo we are able to visit deserted islands with beautiful beaches and reefs that few have seen or been on. There are also the wonderful people of the island who add so much to the experience with their big hearts and laughter.

 Swimming with the Dolphins...

Over the past 27 years we've always worked hard to be conscience of what is best for the dolphins. Also what will give our guests the most amount of time with the dolphins that they have dreamed of being with.

When we approach a pod of dolphins we slowly move up to the side of the pod  to see what they are doing. We wait until it is the best time for the dolphins-not us-to enter the water. If the dolphins interact with us right away that is a wonderful thing.

The pictures on this site and our YouTube videos are examples of our free swims with the dolphins. We easily average much more time in the water than any other operater with dolphins in the wild.


Our Food...

Most of our guests feel that our food rivals the dolphin experience. Our menu has been made up what our guests have preferred over the last 27 years and is served family style. It is all hand picked and home made, including our ice cream. We easily satisfy vegetarians while the rest of the menu is great for everyone else. If there are any special needs please let us know before the trip and it will be taken care of.
I also believe that you should never worry that there is enough-we have never run out-if we did we will cook more!!!!

There are snacks available all day along with non alcoholic drinks. If you wish to have sodas or alcoholic drinks-they are available on the island. If you would like wine, it is good idea to bring it from the states-for both cost and quality.

And, yes, we do all the cooking and cleaning. We are family style, but it is your vacation, sit back and enjoy!!

Extra Expenses...

The cab fare on the island is around 5.00 each way. It is usually around 25.00 to 35.00 dollars on our night out on Wednesday to experience some great Bahamian food. 

We also have new t-shirts for 20.00 and 25.00 and hats for 20.00 US dollars--these are the finest and softest shirts that we could find.. Really comfortable...

Our end of the week DVD which records your week with us is 45.00 dollars-this includes an edited DVD put to music with the best video and shots of the week. Another CD is included with all the photos taken during the week. Sometimes several thousand.

Crew Gratuity/Tipping...

Considering the hours the crew puts in, and the variety of activities in which they helped you indulge, 10 to 20 percent of the charter fee is common-divided between the crew members would seem to be a good basis on which to work.


When we are at the dock, smoking is allowed on the dock, not the boat. At sea there is a designated smoking area on deck away from non-smoking guests and never any smoking below.

How do we get to Bimini-Where do we go when we arrive...

Please be aware that anyone entering Bimini, the Bahamas, must have a valid passport and if necessary-depending on which country your from- a visa..


Travel Info...

As of Jan 1, 2007 anyone entering the United States will need a valid passport.


Now our non-American guests need to make sure to fill out the ESTA forms-this is the link that will help you out. This must be submited 72 hours prior to arrival to the US.

For booking our charter flight from Ft Lauderdale to Bimini and back please contact Elete Travel 242 LLC, Miss Kenya Barnett. The contact number is 561-215-6606 and for their e-mail. We will be departing from Banyan Air Service, 5360 NW 20th Terrace, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309. The price is 270.00 round trip US dollars per person plus a 29.00 Bahamian departure tax. Most of our guests use this service and I am usually on the flight with you. If you are arriving in Bimini on the departure date, please make sure that you arrive in the morning, not the afternoon, of the departure date. If you need a ride to the airport from the hotel, try Willie at "5 Star Van Service" 954-274-0275 and see if he can help you. Many of our guests have used him and love him.

The Holiday Inn located across the street from the Executive Airport has proven to be a place that our guests have liked. 1500 W. Commercial Blvd. ●  Fort Lauderdale FL 33309  ●  Phone (954) 772-3032. The Riverside Hotel is also a favorite, located on  Las Olas Blvd, in Ft Lauderdale,  it has several blocks of great resturants and shopping- a nice stroll in the evening. My favorite Italian restaurant is Noodles Panini on Las Olas...really good...even Italians like it.

Arriving in Bimini-you will arrive on South Bimini at the International Airport--clear Bahamian customs. There will be a taxi out side the building that will take you to us. Just ask to go to the Beach Club-we are three minutes from the airport and everyone knows us.


 Do you rent snorkeling gear?

No we don't, it is FREE.  We carry the best and most comfortable mask, fins and snorkels available for those who wish to use our gear.  Please let us know when you sign up, that you wish to use this service.

Our equipment is the finest quality snorkeling gear that you can buy and its new.

You are welcome to bring you own or use ours...

On the "What to Bring" page is a list of gear that we have found to work well for those who wish to purchase their equipment. There is also the information on our supplier, Austins Dive Shop, who we feel, is probably the best dive shop in the country. They can take care of all of your snorkeling needs. Let them know you are with us and use our discount.

Will I be comfortable?

On Indigo, there is not a more comfortable way to be with the dolphins in the Bahamas.

Some guests ARE CONCERNED ABOUT BEING ON A LIVE ABOARD. you must remember that wether you are on a live aboard or live ashore dolphin week you will still be on a boat most of the time and Indigo is absolutely the best and most stable and comfortable boat on the dolphin grounds.

While the summer is the best time for great dolphin weather it can also be warm.  We are the only boat on the dolphin grounds with climate control 24 hours a day-if you have been here before you know how hot the Bahamas can be in the summer. You can relax on deck in the shade, or go below for a siesta in air conditioned comfort. There is still plenty of room to get a tan on our lounge chairs whenever you wish. All of your meals are prepared for you and you don't have to do the dishes. Ye Ha!!!!!!

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions that you might have... 

Dolphin Expeditions - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking at Indigo through the wreck of the Sapona, one of the most famous wrecks in the Bahamas. Unique, in that she is both above and below the water. Perfect for snorkeling with some of  the most beautiful marine life below.

A Bottlenose dolphin's tail waiving hello.

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